MATRIX Cabinet Options

Whatever Your Storage and Tool Management Needs MATRIX Series 5 is the Right Solution


2 Sizes MAXI and MINI

MAXI stands tall with a large capacity, a surprisingly

small footprint and ergonomic design


MINI can go just about anywhere, super compact,

and can sit on a bench or special trolley accessory


Each cabinet model is offered as a TOUCH (with

touch screen and pc) or POD version, and both

versions can connect directly to the network or

be linked together


An expansion to the successful MATRIX family


Economical supplementary storage solution


Modular & Scalable

If You Need to:

No minimum number of drawers required, so

you get the exact storage capacity you need


Drawers can be easily added


Optional Auto-Lock mechanism locks

bins when the drawer is returned


16 standard bin types


Up to an amazing 198 bins per MAXI

drawer and 96 bins per MINI drawer


Over 50 drawer options with multiple

bin configurations


Optimize stock levels


Streamline purchasing


Calculate cost per unit (CPU)


Guarantee production output


Drive down costs


Find a storage solution that is an exact fit


Make sure only the right tools are

used for the job



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